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The Archive Triptych

3 Frames 76" x 34" Display Size

24 wide x 34 high with images 11 wide by 14 high

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76 x 34
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We designed this beauty for fans of our famous Triptych, our most popular gallery wall. With vertical 11×14 photos, stunning oversized mats, and our favorite Ash, Cherry, and Black Walnut mouldings, this is quite possibly the most stunning gallery wall we’ve ever had. Hang it above a sofa or bed, down a hallway, or on a totally blank wall—Triptychs actually look perfect anywhere.

Our Hardwoods Triptych is part of our American Hardwoods Collection. Each hardwood frame we build is one-of-a-kind, and no two sides are exactly alike.

Upload your digital photos and preview your full design. We’ll custom frame each photo at our factory in Kentucky and ship them to your door with a life-size hanging guide to make installing your gallery wall quick and easy!

For this section here depending on the bundle, we can have a list of details per frame for example:

  • Frame 1 awesome wood 20″ x 24″
  • Frame 2 cool black wood 18″ x 20″

Or maybe same thing as in the ‘Overview’, we get the details here from the image ‘caption’ when we upload images

This section will be our pop up cropper