The Classic Family Wall

3 Frames 76" x 34" Display Size

24 wide x 34 high with images 11 wide by 14 high

Final Display Size:
76 x 34
Total Frames:
Customize your spaces with this stunning triptych gallery wall. Perfect for over the sofa or bed, down the hallway or on any large wall.

With vertical 11×14 photos, stunning oversized mats, and any of our top-quality frames you can personalize any space.

Upload your digital photos, select your frame and preview your full design.

For this section here depending on the bundle, we can have a list of details per frame for example:

  • Frame 1 awesome wood 20″ x 24″
  • Frame 2 cool black wood 18″ x 20″

Or maybe same thing as in the ‘Overview’, we get the details here from the image ‘caption’ when we upload images